Chelsea Charles Golf Goddess Sterling

Golf Goddess is a beautiful and convenient way to track golf-related goals while on the course. This is the first bracelet to track strokes per hole and so replaces the need for the stroke counter attached to a belt or golf bag. A stylish alternative to traditional counting tools, Golf Goddess can be worn on or off the greens.

Golf Goddess comes with its own distinct style of handcrafted, sterling silver beads. The jewelry is lightweight, and perfect to wear for every-day activities. Elegant, discrete and compliments almost any attire. Fits most wrist sizes (once on wrist, gently squeeze or open cuff for a perfect fit).

Created to serve as a "beautiful journal for your wrist" and a stylish, constant reminder of our goals. Count daily goals (suggestions below) by moving the beads from one side of the bracelet to the other. Fits most wrist sizes (once wrist, gently squeeze or open cuff for a perfect fit).

How to use your Count Me Healthy Bracelet

  1. Choose a health goal you would like to track.
  2. Once chosen, decide the daily target number for your healthy goal (For example, if you are tracking glasses of water, you would aim for eight glasses of water a day. Your target number would be eight).
  3. Next, turn this daily target number into a bead count. You do this by dividing your daily target number by the number of beads (12) on the bracelet. Water is easy, because each bead would count for one glass of water.
  4. Throughout the day, just slide the beautiful beads (one at-a-time) toward you from one side to the other. The patented jump-ring at the top of the bracelet acts as a marker for your progress. Once that bead is pulled or pushed over the jump-ring, your goal is counted for the day. The beads have been specially designed to move easily along the cuff, and won’t fall back-and-forth unless purposely moved by you.
  5. At the end of the day, remove your bracelet and write down your progress. You can track your progress using our Health Counts Cards. Then slide all beads back to the starting position for tomorrow.

Be confident and proud of the health goals you've set for yourself!


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