• Dry Divas Ivyliscous
  • Dry Divas Sweet Platinum
  • Dry Divas Girly Girl
  • Dry Divas Royal Flamingo
  • Dry Divas Pink Fusion
  • Dry Divas Leaf It To Me
  • Dry Divas Summer Bliss
  • Dry Divas Floral Friendzy
  • Dry Divas Rendezvous With U
  • Dry Divas Pastelle Belle
  • Dry Divas Plum in Love
  • Dry Divas Palm Beach Pink
  • Dry Divas Splash O' Raspberry
  • Dry Divas Tropical Treat
  • Dry Divas Squeeze O' Lime
  • Dry Divas Tickle Me Peach
  • Dry Divas Rainbow Web
  • Dry Divas Indigo Blast

Dry Divas

Dry Divas offer a great gift buying opportunity as well as a very practical item for your female guests. In salons, they can also be used for hair masque treatments to showcase the fun colors, further encouraging retail sales. They are perfect for your bachelorette parties, mother-daughter days and all the women and girl group outings.


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