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I AM Liquid Nutritional Supplement

I AM is a next-generation liquid nutritional supplement brand dedicated to meeting the lifestyle needs of the evolving consumer in an ethical, sustainable and holistic manner.

We combine the benefits of nature with the science of nutrition to support your positive intentions to improve everyday life. Our great tasting formulas are sourced from the highest quality vitamins, minerals and wild-crafted botanical ingredients to help you feel, look and live better. Take control of your mind and body.

Liquid Supplements
We created I AM Liquid Supplements to allow you to quickly transform your body and states of mind, while nourishing yourself on a cellular level. Inspired by the classical principles of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, we refined that time-tested wisdom with the most advanced breakthroughs in nutritional science.

Chakra Crystal Mists
I AM Chakra Crystal Mists offer a uniquely transcendent aromatherapy experience designed to dramatically shift emotional and energetic states, and clear your external and internal environments. Lovingly crafted by master formulators using their extensive knowledge of plants and gem minerals in a highly intuitive process, each special blend is infused with tachyon zero point energy and attuned to the cosmic harmonious frequency of 432 Hz. Our mists positively affect brain chemistry and the emotional body as they strengthen and balance the chakras.


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