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Gifts and Accessories

You simply won't find a better selection of affordable, unique gifts and attractive accessories for everyone on your list. Discover globally-inspired jewelry, bracelets, candles, relaxation tools, spa accessories and more. Treat a deserving person to a spa-like experience. Remember, gift-giving is an EVERY day occasion!

Chelsea Charles

Founder and designer, Chelsea Charles, creates sophisticated, dainty jewelry that women can wear everyday. An avid pilates enthusiast, Charles’ designs reflect an element of well-being–her bracelets necklaces and earrings serving as “pretty little reminders” to keep women inspired.
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Hydra offers products for the bath and shower that appeal to a wide range of customers. We are constantly developing new and interesting concepts to make sure that our products are as exciting as they are therapeutic.
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Welcome to Spoonk! Imagine the World free from stress, anxiety, depression, stiffness and pain. To Spoonk is — to inspire others to relax! Our mission is to contribute to that imaginary World - with simple and effective product - Spoonk Acupressure ECO Massage Mat .
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Cynthia H Designs

Cynthia created a line of powerful message bracelets inspired by phrases she learned in her spiritual awakening. Now two years later, these bracelets are more than just an ordinary fashion accessory, for Cynthia they are symbolic of her personal redemption and a tribute to the rehabilitation that saved her life.
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Dry Divas

Dry Divas offer a great gift buying opportunity as well as a very practical item for your female guests. In salons, they can also be used for hair masque treatments to showcase the fun colors, further encouraging retail sales. They are perfect for your bachelorette parties, mother-daughter days and all the women and girl group outings.
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