HeadEase® is a new product that alleviates head pain by stimulating a specific acupressure point, known as Hegu, long used in Eastern medicine to provide head pain relief.

Consisting of two stainless steel rings, HeadEase® applies pressure on Hegu to reduce or alleviate primary headaches or head pain affiliated with conditions such as toothaches, earaches and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

How does HeadEase® work?

[_Title]The principle behind HeadEase is based on traditional Chinese medi-cine and the understanding that humans have vital energy, or “Qi” (chi), that travels throughout people’s bod-ies. When this energy is flowing freely, people experience health and well-being, but when it stagnates, people experience “dis-ease” and pain. The aim of acupressure is to remove energy blockages so that the body returns to a normal flow and can maintain wellness. The HeadEase rings are placed on Hegu, the most effective and important point on the body for head pain.

Who can use HeadEase?

Anyone can use HeadEase, with the exception of pregnant women be-cause stimulation of the Hegu point may promote uterine contractions.

How do I use HeadEase?

Place one HeadEase ring on the Hegu point of each hand, which is found on the back of each hand, near the v-shaped junction of the thumb and index finger. The rings should be worn for approximately 20 minutes. HeadEase is working when a dull “healing-ache” can be felt. Ideally HeadEase should be used while in a relaxed position, however daily activi-ties can be conducted during use.

Additional benefits

HeadEase also can be used to relieve stress and provide relaxation. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle can lead to stress associated with family, work and ever-growing responsibilities, which can make it difficult to relax both the body and mind. Just like pain, stress results from energy stagnation.

When four HeadEase rings are used together, combining the Hegu points on the hands with the Taichong points on the feet (between the big toe and second toe), it opens what is known as The Four Gates, which pow-erfully move energy throughout the body resulting in stress reduction and relaxation. Keeping energy flowing freely will help to prevent stress and promote continued relaxation.


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