I AM Enlightened - Chakra Crystal Mist

Awaken your Crown Chakra.

Inspire insight and creativity. Intensify intuition and clarity. Bring more Divine Light into your being.

Open to a profound awakening of spiritual awareness with this extremely rare distillation of three pure lotus oils from an ancient Egyptian lineage. We enhance the lotus triad with a complementary blend of essential oils and gem essences known for their mind and spirit-expanding qualities. Clear your emotional body, activate the Crown Chakra and connect to your true divinity to experience deep insight and inner wisdom. Breathe in the magic of this transcendent mist and step into your perfect loving truth.

What Makes I AM Enlightened Chakra Crystal Mist Work

Nightblooming Jasmine – Dissolve depression, fear and tension, while relaxing and uplifting the senses

Blue Lotus – Actualize self-potential

White Lotus – Deepen vision and understanding

Pink Lotus – Expand insight and spiritual wisdom

Lavender – Clear and uplift the mind

Cedar – Restore spiritual strength

Amethyst – Open spiritual and psychic centers and heal negativity

Lemurian Quartz – Clear and magnify energy

Herkimer Diamond – Amplify spiritual energy and clear blocks

Mono-atomic Gold Ormus – Intensify clarity, focus and spiritual awareness


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