I AM Love - Chakra Crystal Mist

Awaken your Heart Chakra.

Open your heart, uplift your senses and feel radiant love. Bring joy, healing and balance to your life.

Embrace higher levels of unconditional love for yourself and others as expanded feelings of kindness, gentleness and compassion envelope you. Feel your heart heal and open as this heavenly blend of essential oils and gems, inspired by Aphrodite’s sacred mysteries, re-energizes and balances your Heart Chakra. Suddenly, you feel more alive, charismatic and authentically loving and attractive. Inhale the sweet union of lavender with the mystic queen of essential oils, Rose Damascena, as you fall deeply in love with yourself – and watch the world fall in love with you.

What Makes I AM Love Chakra Crystal Mist Work

Rose Damascena – Refresh and uplift the senses and inspire love

Lavender – Balance emotions and calm the senses

Columbine – Expand radiance and engage fully with life

Emerald (Stone of Venus) – Protect love and inspire hope

Scolecite – Deeply relax the spirit

Lemurian Quartz – Clear and magnify energy

Mono-atomic Gold Ormus – Enhance spiritual vitality 


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