I AM Powerful - Chakra Crystal Mist

Strengthen Your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Increase inner strength, energize and build confidence.
Release fear and open to your full potential.

Step into the fullness and power of your whole being with this rich alchemical formula ruled by sacred Sandalwood. Imbued with the golden and yellow energies of citrine and topaz, exhilarating I AM Powerful opens the door to prosperity, success and abundance. The intense, earthen essences of Tea Tree and Ginger oils support Sandalwood to build confidence and strengthen the spirit, as mystical Jatamansi and fragrant Naroli relax and ground you.

Harness the timeless treasures of the earth and cosmic breath of the heavens to move beyond fear – and feel your solar plexus glow as brightly as the sun.

What Makes I AM Powerful Chakra Crystal Mist Work

Sandalwood – Promote confidence and well-being

Naroli – Relieve anxiety, depression and fear

Tea Tree – Build confidence, uplift the spirit and release victim consciousness

Jatamansi – Calm and ground body and mind

Ginger – Fortify and energize

Citrine – Increase personal power; fulfill potential for achievement and abundance

Yellow Topaz – Enhance prosperity, joy and success

Merlinite – Open to the natural magic of the earth and heavens


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