I AM Truth - Chakra Crystal Mist

Free Your Throat Chakra.

Elevate communication and enhance psychic sensitivity.
Clear negative thoughts and find your true voice.

Speak your truth wisely and from the heart with the support of this compassionate and purifying union of Blue Chamomile, Lapis Lazuli and other throat-activating essences. The soulful color blue suffuses our elegantly layered blend with its profound ability to enhance self-expression and inspire intelligent, authentic communication.

Refreshing Peppermint and Eucalyptus Dives help dispel negative thoughts and energies that hold you back from expressing yourself fully. Blue Topaz and Tourmaline open you to speak clearly as Celestite helps you access psychic intuition.

Immerse yourself in the uplifting essence of truth and reveal your story to the world with confidence, clarity and wisdom.

What Makes I AM Truth Chakra Crystal Mist Work

Blue Chamomile – Increase wisdom and compassion

Blue Cypress –
Clear the head and open to spiritual understanding

Peppermint – Support mental clarity, eliminate negative thought forms or energies and increase psychic sensitivity

Eucalyptus Dives – Refresh, uplift, cleanse and invigorate

Calendula Flower – Enhance respect and admiration; heal the throat

Lapis Lazuli
 – Activate the throat chakra to communicate on a higher level

 – Aid mental clarity and psychic ability

Blue Topaz
- Speak clearly and heighten ability to communicate; release writers block

Blue Tourmaline – Communicate clearly and honestly


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